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We’ve all been there; You’re out on the town with friends, and it’s late at night, and you are all of a sudden hungry - what do you do? Well, like most, you’ll probably go to Google,

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Batman and Robin; one of the most powerful duos the world had seen until 2015 when Google My Business was born, a platform that allowed businesses to establish a local presence like no other through organic local

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The power of the tool that is digital marketing has only gotten stronger over the years. With every business needing to move online in order to survive in the past year, it’s put everyone on the fast

As a small local business owner, you may think if you’re amazing at what you do your business doesn’t need to be on Google. While that may have been the case years ago, it’s not the case

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Let’s say you’re in a new neighbourhood, hungry and craving pizza; what are you going to do? Google it, obviously. You’ll probably search “pizza” or “best pizza,” and when you do, Google Maps will show you the

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Imagine you’re the owner of a small coffee shop, and YOU KNOW that your coffee is the best in town, yet you’re spending hundreds on marketing but noticing no difference in sales; pretty frustrating, right? Whether you

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When you hear the word SEO, what do you think of? Your website? Backlinks? The acronym for “Search Engine Optimization” derived its official launch in 1997, where it was a revolutionary way to have your website/landing page

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When it comes to Google My Business (GMB), it’s a no-brainer of its importance for a small business to get new customers – but is your profile deterring business or attracting business right now? Google My Business

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Have you ever heard of Google Live Posts? If you haven’t, you’re about to! Google Live Posts are much like a Facebook or Instagram post. It’s an awesome new-ish feature that allows you to post photos, text,

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Imagine you’re the owner of a local retail clothing store and a couple of blocks away someone types on Google Maps “clothing store near me.” However, on their search results, your business doesn't show up top three

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