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Our reputation has been built on providing honest and transparent information. Here are some of the most common questions we get asked by people just like you before they sign up with us.

Local SEO

You obviously understand the importance of being found on Google. Ranking organically won’t just boost your business for the month; it will boost it forever. There are benefits to both. Google Ads will achieve instant growth for your company, while Local SEO will provide a long-term increase in business. We’ve found a combination of both is a recipe for success for any business.

Of course! Google is universal across all devices, tablets, and computers. The only difference is mobile profiles have one extra call-to-action button, the “call” button, where computers only have the website, directions, and save buttons.

Our customers see good progress within the first four-six weeks, and this could be because your listing has moved from position thirty to position fourteen or that you’ve already moved into one of the priority positions. We guarantee one keyword ranking within sixty to ninety days from your verification date, or you get your money back. The longer you do this service, the more keywords will be ranking, and the more business you will accumulate. Ranking time frames beyond the one keyword will be dependent on the competitiveness of the industry.

No, you’re not! All of our services are month-to-month. Our business model is set up to work hard and earn your business each and every month; because if we don’t, we understand you’ll leave us. Of course, in the worst-case scenario, we require thirty days’ notice for cancellation. If your payment date falls within the 30 days' notice cycle, a final payment would still be required.

No, we are not. We work alongside Google. Google doesn’t offer Local SEO services. We simply influence the local business rankings and do abide by all of Google’s guidelines and regulations. The search engine simply picks the best businesses to appear in the priority positions (top 3 & top 10) locally, and that’s why we ensure your listing is the best so that Google chooses your listing.

We aren’t able to directly remove any review that gets posted. There are certain reviews we can send to Google to investigate; however, there’s no guarantee of that review being removed. In the worst-case scenario, our team can provide tips and tricks to find a resolution with the individual to either change or remove the review.

Simple. The more directories your business is listed on, the bigger your company’s web presence is. Google’s algorithm scans the web frequently, and when it notices your business information being populated on hundreds of directories, Google starts to trust your business more and, as a result, rank you higher in your local area.

No worries! We have an Account Manager that will take care of everything for you and simplify the process. Our team ensures regular communication each month to keep you in the loop with what our plan is and make sure you’re informed of your businesses’ progression.

We provide in-depth monthly reports that will show you how many people are clicking on you, calling you, looking at your photos and how many people are clicking the directions button (if applicable). It’ll also show you how many people are finding you through discovery (through keywords), via direct search (typing your business name into Google), and where your keywords are ranking in your local and surrounding areas.

Social Media

Great question. You can, of course, post yourself, but just like baking an apple pie, there’s a certain recipe you need to follow because you won’t get results following a blueberry pie recipe. We are that recipe. We have 5 in-house divisions (graphic design, content writers, proofing team, engagement specialists, account managers) that are all qualified professionals who went to school for their specific niche. We know that if you were to hire a professional from each industry, it would cost you significantly more than hiring us, which would be counterproductive or if you hire one person to do it all, it becomes jack/jill of all trades, master of none. There’s no agency like us that offers a solution of this calibre for small business prices.

Of course! Should that be the case, you would retain all ownership rights to all social media pages and accounts.

Our in-house engagement team will look at industry-specific engagement tools (hashtags, page tags, etc.) that will generate you the best exposure. Each platform is different, which means there are various “tricks” to gain exposure. The more people that see your post, the more it grows.

No you’re not. Just like you, we don’t like contracts! In all honesty, they don’t make sense because if a company is truly confident in their product/service, there should be no commitment; and that’s how we think. Our social media service is month-to-month, meaning we’re here to earn your business. Of course, in the worst-case scenario, we require thirty days’ notice for cancellation. If your payment date falls within the 30 days' notice cycle, a final payment would still be required.

We do all the heavy lifting, which means you don’t need to have any involvement. Once we go through the initial introduction call to start the account, we will take care of everything. Now with each industry being different, we do assign you a personal account manager that will be in touch with you so you can look over the work to make sure it’s good to go, but other than that, kick back, relax and watch your accounts grow!


No, they do not include hosting. If you wish for us to host your domain, we will do so for an extra cost. Pricing depends on how big your site is.

Nobody has yet to match our website quality for the price we offer. We are simply tired of digital agencies/web developers gouging businesses and not delivering, so we decided to build our team around professionals who have worked for numerous national/international brands to bring your business “big business” results for “small business” prices.

Everything we do is custom. We know how important your website is to your brand, which is why our goal is to make you look completely different and unique from the competition. Our developers work from the ground up to give you the best results for a fraction of the cost that you would expect. Big business results for small business prices.

Did You Know?



Organic SEO

Organic SEO is 5.66 times better than paid search ads.




Over 90 percent of the business population represents small and medium-sized businesses.



Content Marketing

Content Marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads.



Search Results

70% of clicks on Google search results go to organic, with 30% going to AdWords.