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YLE Blog August 15, 2022 0 Comments

Batman and Robin; one of the most powerful duos the world had seen until 2015 when Google My Business was born, a platform that allowed businesses to establish a local presence like no other through organic local search (Local SEO) and Google Ads.

And so was born the world’s best marketing tandem, but what makes them so great together? That’s what we’re here to explain to you; let’s dive in.


Meant to give your business instant exposure on Google search; Google Ads, or Pay-Per-Click Ads (PPC) are “Robin” in this scenario and give a tremendous option for short term exposure as you can target any demographic anywhere in the world with either a customized text ad or banner ad (an ad with an image) which is based upon clicks. The more money you put in, the more clicks you have, and as soon as you run out of clicks, you need to pay up to get the ad live again.

The trick with Google ads, however, is that you have to know what you’re doing and put hours into keyword research, demographics, budgets, ad duration, launch and end times, and of course, understanding your competition.

Seems pretty easy, right? Well, not if you’re a business owner, which is probably why you’re reading this so that you can understand why your ads aren’t working.

Most owners that we talk to think that having a credit card is enough; you set your budget, hit “go,” and expect everyone to become your customer. Now, if this were a fairy tale, then we would for sure believe that was the secret to Google Ad success, but it’s, unfortunately, the furthest thing from being effective. 

Google Ads, if done with the right amount of research, strategic planning, and money, can give you what you’re looking for, short-term customers/clients. They also have some versatility as you can target any city with your profile, so if you want to target Los Angeles to promote a 3-day sale that you’re having with your Toronto sneaker business, go for it. Ads are great for that.

“Of Google Ads that get clicked, 65% have buyer-intent keywords such as ‘buy,’ ‘shop,’ ‘purchase,’ etc.”

But where you’re going to end up in a world of frustration is thinking that Google Ads can be your long-term solution.

Ads can get very expensive, especially in industries that are incredibly competitive where in some cases, you could be spending upwards of $10,000 to $20,000 a month just to “outbid” your competitor from across the road for that coveted top ad on the first page of Google for the best keywords.

That’s roughly $120,000 to $240,000 a year just on ads that won’t even be up online for much more than half the day. It’s like renting. You rent, and pay every month to “rent the space,” but when the lease is up, you have absolutely nothing to show for it; hence not being a great long-term idea.

When the ads are done right, however, they will make for a tremendous sidekick for the time they’re live to give your business that “boost” or extra exposure to your local area or Local SEO, which is, of course, the Batman of marketing.


Local SEO is your business’s foundation, without it, you don’t have a local web presence; and it all starts with your Google My Business profile. 

You make the profile and then have to get it from the bottom of the local search results for certain keywords to the top 3 (that’s where we come in); that’s what Local SEO is.

Like the Dark Knight himself, Local SEO will give a business one of the most powerful local presences out there, one where everyone that searches for that industry will know about them and be the go-to solution when needed.

Ads are really based on “whoever has the most money wins,” whereas Local SEO is all based upon organic presence within your local and surrounding area(s) ON GOOGLE MAPS ONLY. 

For example, you’re hungry after a long day at work and want to grab some food on the way home from the office, so you Google “Italian Food.” Google will give you a map section with the top 3 organic search results (restaurants with the most local presence in the area you’re searching from) with customer reviews, photos of the food, and live updates of the business.

The chances of you picking the 80th business? Yeah, no; you’re, of course, going to want to pick a top 3 Italian restaurant because it’s obviously deemed as the better option.

“78% of location-based searches result in an offline purchase.”

That’s the power of Local SEO, to put you front and centre in a local area.

But let’s say that you’re the owner of the restaurant and planning on hosting a gala or an event on the weekend and want some extra exposure; you can run a Google Ad so that when people search “Italian Restaurant,” they’ll see you show up in the top 3 map section and also see your “gala/event ad” show up above that map section (With the right budget of course). 

Double the exposure, double the potential for more business.

The thing to remember is that search engines work as information hunters, the more places, areas, websites, etc. that your business name/information show up, the more your online presence grows, so having your business rank top 3 on google maps and having Google Ads as a booster really shows you why it’s the best duo tandem in marketing.

We’re the experts who will get you the results that you’re looking for because we wouldn’t write a blog like this if we couldn’t back it up. 

Get in touch with us via the information below, and let’s take your online presence to the next level with Local SEO and Google Ads!

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