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YLE Blog February 3, 2023 0 Comments

Captions are essential to the success of your business in 2023; and without effective caption writing? It’s going to be tough sledding.

Whether you’re writing for Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Facebook, a compelling caption is the difference between people listening to what you have to say or ignoring your post and quickly scrolling by.

Now, that may seem pretty straightforward, but many business owners struggle to effectively communicate their brand’s story through a caption.

In this blog, we are going to dive into the importance of why you should be putting effort into captions because it can translate into more business and revenue.

So let’s start with the basics that you probably already know. Captions are most effective when they are broken up into 3 parts; this allows for breathing room because who wants to scroll through their feed just to see an essay (not us)!

PART 1 | The Introduction

In this section, you are setting the tone for your caption and letting the reader know what they are about to read. Therefore, it is essential to include the most important information right off the bat.

Start with a powerful HOOK!

Seems simple enough, doesn’t it?

Well, because the average attention span is just 8 seconds, this means that if you can’t successfully catch your audience’s attention within the first 5 words of your caption – good luck!

A good place to start is by dedicating some time to brainstorming. Before writing your caption, identify what the audience must know first regarding that specific topic and start with that.

Think about it – if you’re reading a caption that goes on and on about the holidays, then at the last sentence, you realize they’re (poorly) attempting to promote their Christmas specials, you’re not likely to be loyal to that brand or… try their specials.

Consider starting with a relatable question, quote, or interesting fact, all of which will invoke interest in the reader, causing them to interact with your post and become a loyal customer.

PART 2 | The Body

Just like that intro, your body should be concise and clear.

Don’t stress your readers out by trying to use complicated language because you think it will make you sound more professional. All that extra “fluff” will actually hinder your brand rather than bolster your reputation.

Since this is the meat of your caption, be sure to relate to your audience by emphasizing the product or service you’re offering, mentioning a customer’s potential pain point, and how you, as a business owner, are going to help them overcome it.

With this, make sure you put yourself in your reader’s shoes – not literally, but you get the gist – social media users respond better to copy that is written like a human and comes across as natural rather than complex and hard to understand. Think of it like having a conversation with a friend; write as you’d speak.

All of our Instagram captions follow this rule of thumb.

We catch our audience’s attention in our introduction, so now our body is dedicated to expressing why exactly our company can help through our relevant services. Notice how we don’t use complicated jargon in attempts to sound professional, we simply outline the value that we bring and let our concise caption speak for itself.

PART 3 | The Conclusion

A call to action is a MUST!

After attracting your readers’ attention, identifying a problem they have, and stating how YOUR business will resolve it, you now must provoke a sense of urgency by telling your readers how to follow through and take action.

Let’s continue with the restaurant theme; If you own a restaurant and you’re writing a caption about your new menu item, you are building excitement in your reader; therefore, the most effective way to end the caption is to tell your audience how exactly they can try this new menu item.

A good call to action should encourage customers to give you a call, visit your website to order, visit the restaurant, shop online or in store for a promotion, tag a friend, click the link in bio, etc.
This short yet pivotal part of your caption provides customers with a unique selling point which prompts them to take action immediately.
There you have it – now you’re a caption writing pro!
But, if you’re still having trouble cutting your big idea down to 3-5 sentences, don’t panic; our copywriting team is dedicated to understanding your specific brand story and producing effective copy on behalf of your business!
We work with thousands of North American businesses of all sizes to help them grow their platforms and market through their brand’s story.
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