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Paid ads seem like a good idea; pay money to have your ads seen by people. Simple enough, right?

On paper, it may seem so, but in reality, there isn’t a guarantee that people will find your ads compelling enough to become your customers. In fact, it may seem obnoxious or invasive to the people your ad is shown to. An overwhelming eighty-four percent form a poor opinion of the businesses that use such ads – do you think those people are clicking on them?

On the other hand, marketing focused on organic growth can depict more favourable results, with content marketing generating three times as more leads than paid advertising. A big difference, no? 

If that doesn’t convince you, here are the top reasons why organic growth benefits your marketing campaigns more than paid ads.

Organic Growth encourages long-term results; Paid Ads are short-term.

The best way to describe the impact of organic growth versus paid ads is by comparing them to renting a home and buying one. Paid ads are akin to renting a home; it’s only yours for as long as you pay for it. Buying a home, although it takes time and lots of thought into the decision, is yours forever – that’s organic growth. 

As long as social networks are available, the evidence of your organic growth will stay and continue to grow. Paid ads, however, only impact your business if you continue to pay for the  marketing campaign. The more you pay the more you show up. 

Users, obtained from organic growth, continue to visit your business online at a four percent higher rate than ones obtained from paid ads – and that four percent is a constant result after thirty days. They tend to be twelve percent more active than those gained from paid ads. In addition, seventy percent of consumers would rather opt to learn about a business from their blog instead of a paid ad.

From those statistics, you can see that paid ads are like having milk in the fridge – after the expiration date, it’s no longer appealing to customers. However, organic growth is like honey; it has no end date and continues to be sweet for those who consume it. 

Organic Growth establishes your brand; Paid Ads only hopes to promote exposure.

Through organic growth, you do more than raise exposure. You essentially build a community loyal to your business, interacting with them through sharing, responding to comments, liking, and so much more. You get to understand your customers’ needs and concerns, as well as finding out what they like and are willing to engage with. For newcomers and visitors, you get to show them your brand’s voice and mission, displaying not only your great customer service but also value to them. Organic growth promotes authenticity and creativity! Paid ads, on the other hand…

They only display your brand to users, hoping to catch their attention. However, as a new business, people won’t have heard of you and will be hesitant to click your ads. This is normal, as less than ten percent of people actually do click on paid ads. Paid ads only truly guarantee results if you’re a household name. If you’re just starting out, organic growth is the best way to make your mark online.

As social media experts, we are passionate advocates for organic growth. Organic growth doesn’t hold a candle to paid ads with all its aforementioned benefits. For elite digital marketing tactics, try out our high-quality social media packages for a low, affordable cost.

Just remember this: organic growth is a friend, paid ads (from an unknown brand) are strangers. Would you really trust a stranger with your money?