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When it comes to bolstering your web presence, there are many things that need to look incredible; one of those things is, of course, your website!  Your website is pretty much the equivalent of the inside of

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When you hear the word SEO, what do you think of? Your website? Backlinks? The acronym for “Search Engine Optimization” derived its official launch in 1997, where it was a revolutionary way to have your website/landing page

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Have you ever seen a business’s website riddled with spelling mistakes? You probably lost interest the moment you saw it, shook your head, and clicked elsewhere. Had that business proofread their website’s content before publishing, your interest

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Twenty years ago if you uttered the words “smartphone” or “mobile phone” people would have looked as if they were seeing an algebra equation for the first time. Albeit the popularity of mobile devices became more prevalent

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When it comes to your website, we relate it to the inside of your store, shop or office. The feeling when you walk into a new restaurant, or a brand new store, the first thing you do

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If you were to date back 10 years ago, the dawn of smartphones was quickly arising into the existence of human nature. As some grandparents refer to it, “how do you fit a whole computer into that