Proofreading: Why it’s a Necessity

Proofreading: Why it’s a Necessity

Have you ever seen a business’s website riddled with spelling mistakes? You probably lost interest the moment you saw it, shook your head, and clicked elsewhere. Had that business proofread their website’s content before publishing, your interest level would have probably remained high. Chances are if you lose interest, others have as well, but there’s a simple solution, professional proofreading.

Think about a newspaper, for example; they employ Editors and Proofreaders to ensure they maintain credibility. Imagine a paper with spelling errors – you probably wouldn’t rely on it for information. Incorrect grammar has two main negative outcomes, low sales, and poor credibility. It’s a necessity. If you’re a business that’s solely relying on Spell Check – then this article is going to be a wake-up call.

Here are three benefits that outsourcing professional proofreaders will have on your business.

1) Concise Communication

Easy-To-Understand Message

Communication is key in any business. A simple message will sell; a complex message will not. A single mistake like a minor typo or inappropriately used word can cause misunderstanding. That misunderstanding can result in zero profit and a confused customer.

A costly example involved Yellow Pages in 1988 when the company was paid to place an ad in their telephone directory for a travel agency. Instead of offering “exotic” holidays, the travel agency found itself promoting “erotic” holidays. After losing 80 percent of its business, the agency sued Yellow pages for $18-million. Thus Yellow Pages had to pay a very hefty price for one simple mistake.


The structure of your writing also plays a part in effective business communication. People’s attention spans are decreasing eighty-eight percent every year – as people don’t have the patience they once had to read through long blurbs. Your writing needs structure that’s straight-forward and organized to gain their attention. Short paragraphs look appealing as people are more willing to synthesize information in small sections. Potential clients, presented with an organized structure and flawless writing, are more inclined to buy from your business.


Look over your writing and ask yourself: Is this the right tone for my audience? Remember – proofreading isn’t restricted to typographical errors. Despite perfect grammar, spelling, and punctuation, your writing might not register well with the demographic you’re targeting. Proofreading makes sure your written content targets the right audience the right way.

2) Bolsters Brand Credibility

Reliability and Trust

The backbone of any loyal customer base is having a reliable and trustworthy reputation. But constant writing mistakes diminish that reputation. These mistakes show carelessness to the prospective customer, making them doubt your authenticity and professionalism.

Disruptive Communications did a study asking UK consumers what puts them off the most with brands on social media. Here is what they said:

As you can see, poor spelling or grammar wins by a landslide – and not in a good way. It clearly affects the way consumers perceive your business, so proofreading is a must.

Would you spend your hard-earned money on a business that can’t be bothered to spell check their posts?


Proofreading is not only about spell check – it also prevents plagiarism. You may think you’re saving time by skipping the proofreading process, but you could lose a lot more in the long term. Leaving improper sourcing and citations can lead to getting sued over copyright, losing clients, and hemorrhaging profit as a result. Not many people will think your business is credible if that happens. Proofread to ensure your writing shows your business’s focus and quality so that prospects are more willing to become loyal customers.

3) Quality of Business and Dedication

No Errors vs. Errors

A study by Website Planet compared the percentage of visitors on two nearly identical sites: one with spelling and grammatical errors and the other with none. The one with poor communication had eighty-five percent more people leaving the site after looking at a single page than the one with flawless writing. So it goes without saying – people expect quality. It’s like going into a clothing store that’s neatly organized versus one that looks like it’s been ransacked. Which one are you shopping at?

Dedication to Excellence

After making sure your content is visually appealing and understandable, people will see that you’re a business professional that takes pride in their work. Writing is a reflection of your business – people will have lowered confidence in your brand, even with a single typo. So if you showcase your business as being detail-oriented, be detail-oriented. But don’t rely solely on software to correct your writing. Here’s an example of what most writing software thinks is correct wording:

“With soft-wear, it can’t not detect all the much error yew make wren you argh righting.”


“With software, it can’t detect all the errors you make when you are writing.”

There are eight writing mistakes in the first sentence above, but the writing software couldn’t indicate them. Solely relying on software means a similar sentence could be published that makes no sense. Prevent that by reviewing your work and have someone else double-check it to ensure quality content (that also makes sense).

Everyone is human, so mistakes are pretty much inevitable, and if they’re not caught, they’re costly. We have a whole division dedicated to proofreading and making sure your content best reflects your brand because correct spelling and grammar are without-a-doubt credibility 101.