Remember that time in high school when your professor decided it was time for a group project and how throughout its development, you noticed there are different roles each person fills inside the group. When you work

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What does it mean to be a forward-thinking brand? Next time you’re walking around the mall, think about it; you see two clothing stores, the first one looks elegant, bright, change rooms are big with 360° mirrors,

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Ask yourself; what were the last five flyers, posters, or billboards that you saw walking to work? Chances are you probably don’t remember because there are literally thousands scattered everywhere and nowadays people walk with their heads

Remember that time you went to a new clothing store, and the employee’s on shift were helping you try on different outfits and complimenting you saying, “That looks amazing”?  Then ten minutes later you’re leaving the store

When you’re online shopping or just browsing from site to site, you’ll be in engulfed in the world of Call to Action (CTA’s) and exposed to “Buy Now,” “Sign up” and “Subscribe” buttons everywhere you turn. The

Whether your business is big or small, your main goal is profit, which is realized through your customers. Think about it, if people do not purchase your products or services, your business won’t survive. That is why

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Recruitment has always been an exciting aspect of any business for a couple of reasons; first, it means your brand is growing, and secondly, it’s adding a fresh dynamic to your work environment! So that begs the

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When it comes to your business, your customers are the end all be all of everything your brand stands for. Without them, your brand doesn’t exist or flourish as it could. So it begs the question, how

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As the great Bob Dylan once said, “The times they are A-Changin’”. Welcome to the digital era. We now live in a world where the internet has engulfed how people communicate, shop, promote, and market. The traditional

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