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Recruitment has always been an exciting aspect of any business for a couple of reasons; first, it means your brand is growing, and secondly, it’s adding a fresh dynamic to your work environment! So that begs the question we get from a lot of business owners, “How do you attract good people? I’ve been getting lots of interest, but none are the ‘champion workhorse’ we’re looking for.”

Great question! There are a few factors to consider when attracting quality recruits. Let’s take a look.

  1. Company Image

We’re going to take a few steps backwards here and go back to the day you were looking for your first job. You logged on to your computer and crafted the perfect resume thinking of your best qualities while trying to impress employers, all for what? To apply at a business that doesn’t look credible or established? Definitely not. When it comes to sharp, quality recruitment, how your company looks online is everything.  If you were looking for work in Marketing and you had to choose between the three businesses below, which would you choose? Quality recruitment comes from the feeling that person gets when they research your brand. If you look like “Company 2” the chances are, the recruit will skip over the business as there is no reason to “enter” due to the lack of visuals, apparent credibility, validation, and attractiveness. Even “Company 3” is a good example of an established business, but it does not have the best reputation, which is a turn off to any recruit. Remember in business, quality breeds quality and that all starts with your company image online and making sure it looks established.

  1. Your Company’s Message

Is your business a carbon copy of other businesses or does it have a unique message? Innovation and being different is incredibly attractive when hiring high-quality employees. Take the hospitality industry for example, what drives someone to work for one restaurant over the other? Is it the food? The look? Or is it the company message and culture? Of course, it’s a combination of all those things, but it’s the message/culture that makes the majority of the impact on people that are looking for work.

  1. Company Standards and Expectations

Sticking with the hospitality industry for a minute, if you’re a five-star restaurant, you’re not going to have your “average Joe or Sally” apply because there’s a standard that comes with an affluent restaurant. Dress code, demeanor, and professionalism are always heavily looked at, which in turn sets the standard right away to the applicant as to what they have to do to be hired. Looking at the other end of the spectrum, if you’re a three-star restaurant or a fast-food joint, the reality is, by default, the standards and expectations are lower compared to a five-star restaurant. Now, those places will still receive great quality recruitment, but that will depend on the standard that’s showcased through the businesses branding and message. So ask yourself this question, what quality of words are you using to bring recruitment in? If the language is lazy and not professional, don’t expect many high-quality people to apply.

  1. Million Dollar Brand

Ever heard the saying, “Success starts with a million dollar brand?” If not, now you have. Is your company’s brand functional and easy to understand? Is it detailed? Does it look like they can make a good income with your business? If you said yes to these, then you’re on the right path! If not, then you need to go back to the drawing board. User experience will always be a big promoter for your brand, as one person will tell another and so forth, as careful thought into your brand will help impede little things that may interfere with your “million dollar reputation.” Think of it this way, when you hear the words Apple or Samsung or Microsoft, you think of innovation and a Company that is always finding new sleek solutions for users to have an amazing experience. The bottom line, high-quality people are attracted to million dollar brands because they feel a part of something bigger. They have a level of pride and will tell their friends and family, “I work at __________, and am so happy! Let me tell you about how cool this Company is.”

  1. What are People Saying About Your Brand

Sharp, high-caliber people take into consideration everything about a company when they are looking for employment, especially company reviews from past/present employees. Reviews on job sites are now a go-too method for people that are trying to find out the inside details of a work environment. Websites like glassdoor.ca, indeed.com and simplyhired.ca are places that allow people who work or have worked at the business to share their overall experience. This is last on our list but should be first on yours, because if your culture, environment or standards are low, they will be displayed for the public to see which can ultimately damage a brand.

So as a business owner, it’s imperative that you’re taking every step on this list seriously because it will ultimately depict how much your company grows. Showing your employees that you care with incentives, team events, contests, sales rewards, promotions and raises are ways you can build your brand to be a powerhouse and attract great people.

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