Remember that time in high school when your professor decided it was time for a group project and how throughout its development, you noticed there are different roles each person fills inside the group. When you work inside a company, the same thing happens; it is like an infinite team project, where different team players are trying to accomplish one goal.

There are six types of employees which will always participate on this team. However, it is easier to explain those positions in a typical situation inside a company.

Imagine there’s a business owner named John and he started his company two years ago. Right now, he has the opportunity to expand his business but only if he doubles his current sales. He decides it is time to gather his employees and tell them the plan they’re going to follow.

Even though John is the leader, he also plays another role within the group; he is the spark. He is always full of energy, keeps the team going in difficult and stressful situations, remains calm, and is confident in handling any problem his business might have. John has an optimistic personality, which helps him get through the obstacles he might have.

The other team member types are:

  1. Peter – The “Team Player”

Peter is the team player who will turn your goal into concrete plans. Peter and John will probably work closely together; however, while John is the owner, Peter might be the Project or Operations Manager.

Peter will run the meetings, receive reports, and keep track of everyone’s work, to accomplish the company’s ultimate objective. Peter is usually the second in command inside the team, being the one who reminds his co-workers about their specific tasks and deadlines.

In every project or company, you need to have someone like Peter, who is hardworking which will help you get things done. But that person is also entirely dedicated to the business, and passionately believes in the company’s values.

  1. Louisa – The “Problem Solver”

She is the person everyone goes to when they need to solve a problem. Louisa has a lot of experience with the products/services you offer; knowing what needs to be improved and what changes will boost your sales. Even though she is the product expert inside the business, Louisa is also a solution focus person. Instead of seeing a problem in just one angle, she will concentrate on the big picture, finding cost-effective ways to solve any issue.

Louisa is the person who can work in small or big projects handling essential tasks.

  1. Angela – The Communicator”

Even after having 2-3 weekly meetings, there will be unexpected communication misunderstandings between your employees, especially during stressful situations. Angela, your communications person inside the company, plays a crucial role in this situation. She knows how to talk to people, get them to compromise, and reach an agreement.

However, Angela is not only useful as a bridge between co-workers; she can boost your company’s relationship with potential and loyal customers.

She will be the one creating content for social media, blogs, and website, among others. Angela will translate your professional language at work into an everyday conversational tone, conveying the message your business wants to deliver.

  1. Brian – The “Social Butterfly”

He is someone sociable and good with words. However, he is not a communication expert like Angela. Brian can connect with different types of people, which turns him into a good team player. His vast networking capability allows him to acquire knowledge from diverse departments, which helps him, creating connections between his co-workers and unifying them towards a goal.

Brian understands why teamwork is an essential element inside the company and values what each member brings to the table, being the one who keeps the team together through the project.

  1. Paula – TheStrategic Thinker”

She is the person within the team who knows how the market works and what strategies will increase your sales, which equals increasing, your company’s profitability.  Chances are Paula will be part of your sales team where she will be communicating regularly with your clients and approaching new ones.

Paula will be the first impression with potential customers; that’s why you need to make sure she is friendly and patient.

These are the team members who will be part of your company and participate in the projects you’ll have. They’ll learn how to work together and rely on each other. When you have the right people beside you, your work ecology will allow your business to grow and expand inside the market.

However, at the same time you have your star team players, there are people who you should avoid hiring in your company. These individuals will slow down your workflow and delay the tasks of your other employees.

  1. “Negative Nancy”

Nancy will turn small problems into big ones because she’s unable to stay positive or find a quick solution for it. She will only delay your goals and disturb your work environment. From policy changes to new exciting projects, Nancy will focus on what could go wrong and spread these feelings between her co-workers.

  1. “Procrastinator Paul”

He is the type of employee who apart from always running late to work, will avoid doing his tasks until the last minute. Paul is someone lazy, who makes excuses and looks for distractions to postpone his work. He will interrupt your team’s focus, slowing down your plans, and putting off deadlines.

  1. “Complainer Joe”

It doesn’t matter the positive things in his life; he will always find something to complain about. Joe thinks he is the victim in every scenario and wants everyone to listen to his problems. He will try to spend your time talking about his issues, wasting precious hours of your work productivity.

Now that you know how to identify the ideal employees for your team and which ones you should stay away from, it will be easier to achieve a functional work environment. This will help you accomplish your goals faster and become an industry leader, attracting other experts to your business.

We know every role inside your team is crucial; that’s why we want to be a part of yours. Contact us today to discover how we can help your business grow.