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YLE Blog June 15, 2020 0 Comments

It goes without a doubt that content marketing is one of the best and most effective ways to stimulate a consumer’s interest in your brand in today’s digital era. Many view content marketing as a tool utilized through social networks like Facebook and Twitter, but if you didn’t know, it dates all the way back to 1732 when Benjamin Franklin promoted his printing business by publishing the Poor Richard’s Almanack.

The years, decades, and centuries afterward intensified the evolution of content marketing, going from physical publications, then to radio, television, and finally, the Internet in the 90s.

All this progress connected to one essential aspect, perfectly described by author Jeff Cannon:

“In content marketing, content is created to provide consumers with the information they seek.”

It effectively tells your brand’s story and goals without being as disruptive as traditional ad efforts (billboards, TV ads, and telemarketing). Your content marketing can reel in your desired demographics, garnering profitability and success within the business realm – all with the right strategy. That’s why sixty-four percent of marketers believe that content strategy is one of the greatest educational needs:

Content marketing can be distributed in all different kinds of platforms. But the most notable and predominant ones are blogs, videos, visual content and social media posts.


Blogs bring out the “uniqueness” factor of your business – basically why yours stands out from the rest. If you and another business offer the same products/services, why should a consumer go to yours instead of theirs?

With seventy percent of internet users being daily blog-readers, it’s no surprise that blogs are embedded into popular culture. In addition to that, fifty-five percent of marketers prioritize blogging as their top inbound content marketing strategy. Blogs can be a sure-fire way to generate leads and interest in your business, as they aren’t as disruptive as traditional marketing methods of pop-up ads. Think of it as an inviting space where your customers can comfortably learn all about your business!


If you’ve got a large block of text on your left side and an equally large image to your right, which do you look at first?

Chances are that you’d look at the image first.

Images make a faster impression on consumers than text – 60,000 times more, to be exact. With the human brain creating its first impression in 50 milliseconds, images can make that first impression a memorable one.


Videos are a great way to capture your audience’s attention, tell a story, and, ultimately, promote your business in a visually appealing way. They can help make your brand relatable through the stories you tell in your videos, motivating people to check out your products and other social platforms. Take for example Android’s “Friends Furever” video. It was the most-shared video ad of 2015 (6.4 million shares!), the video’s “relatability factor” is the simple fact that seeing cute animal pals taps into people’s emotions. They find value in watching this content and therefore share it amongst others, increasing the exposure of Google Android.

With fifty-four percent of consumers preferring to see videos from brands over other content, a great video can do wonders for your business’s visibility online!

Social Media

Last but definitely not least is using social media for your content marketing. Social media combines all the elements of the content types above: text, images and videos. Each social media network, like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn can bolster your business in your industry and amongst your customer base. As seventy-three percent of marketers believe in its efficiency in their content marketing strategies, social media possesses the power to make your brand a household name.

Think of content marketing like a burger – if you don’t have the typical contents inside it, does it hold the same taste or appeal?

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