Every year NFL fans anxiously await one of the biggest televised sports event, the Super Bowl. However, some of us just tune in to watch the halftime show and commercials. With the amount of exposure this event offers, the best Super Bowl commercials become iconic, such as the one Apple aired in 1984 advertising its new Macintosh. This commercial, with its powerful message and originality, is still one of the most memorable advertisements ever aired during this event.

In today’s digital era, video marketing is one of the most important tools companies have since it is the most profitable medium. But making a video advertisement which deserves to air during the Super Bowl is not an easy task, but it’s not impossible either.

From the context to the visuals, every single piece of a commercial is crucial for its success. Don’t worry; we’ll show you what makes video marketing memorable.

The first step is determining what the focus of your video will be. Ask yourself what it is you want to show your customers? Is it a product, a service, a tutorial, or your brand? Once you have answered that question, there are a few elements you need to keep in mind.

Product or Service

Video source: Pexels video by The Lazy Artist Gallery

According to Impact, when watching a video people retain 95 percent of the information, while reading they will only retain ten percent. Therefore, instead of having a lengthy text post explaining your product/service, you can have a little video showing it to your costumers. This will allow them to see how it works and what it does in a compelling way. Presenting your product/service as a solution to the customer’s issues will attract people towards your brand.

There are different angles you can take with this type of video marketing, such as testimonials about your product/service which will give more validation to your business, thereby building people’s trust in your brand. You could also use this tool to announce new products/services, creating excitement among your customers before releasing it.

Tutorial – How to videos

Video source: Pexels video by Oleg Magni

With these, you can share tips with your customers or show them how to solve a problem. Producing these videos will place you as an industry leader because you’re showing your expertise, which will differentiate your business in the competitive market.

This is a great way to introduce new customers to your brand without promoting any product/service. Your revenue will grow 49 percent faster, compared to the companies that don’t use video marketing, according to Impact.


The main objective of these videos is to build brand awareness, which translates to attracting new customers towards your brand with entertaining content.  You have to keep in mind that these brand videos will introduce your business to new customers and strengthen the bond you already have with your clientele.

This is a unique opportunity to present your companies values and mission, convincing people your business is what they have been looking for.

Apart from the content itself, it is essential to portray emotions when it comes to video marketing. Powerful emotions in your commercial will reflect the same feelings in your customers, allowing you to connect with them. Once you appeal to people’s feelings, they will engage easier with your brand, trusting what you have to offer.

Using a little comedy in your videos will entertain the audience, they will have fun and relate that experience with your brand. Humour is not the only emotion you can feature in your commercial; you can appeal towards other ones, always remembering which one is your target audience.

When you narrow down the focus of your videos, some production details need to be perfect.

High resolution

Video source: Pexels video by Joseph Redfield

Videos with high resolution will demonstrate to your customers that you’re capable of creating quality content which will relate to the professionalism of your business. If you were a company such as Expedia, the video above would be perfect for promoting a dreamed vacation destination. But imagine the same video pixelated and dark, now would you want to go to that beach on your vacation?

If you don’t have quality video, people will just skip through it.

Audio quality

Audio is as important as visuals. Avoid having annoying sounds in the background; otherwise, that noise will distract your audience from the message you’re trying to deliver.

Voice-over (VO)

The perfect solution if you record your marketing video in a noisy outdoor setting. Using voice-overs, you’ll be able to eliminate the bad audio and replace it with one that is clear. The key to a good voice-over is for it to be concise and simple. Be direct and deliver the message to the audience.


Your message needs to be coherent; don’t add extra elements that can confuse people. Sometimes less is more.

In today’s scenario, video is not limited to television, now it is everywhere, on your computer, cellphone, and iPad. Video has adapted to different platforms, turning into one of the most popular mediums of advertising since it connects with the customers at a personal level. According to Smart Insights, after watching your video on a social media platform, 53 percent of your customers are more likely to engage with your brand. Video marketing will bring more profit to your business, which translates into success for your brand.

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