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YLE Blog March 7, 2019 0 Comments

Instant. Informative. Up-to-date. Three words to describe one of the largest social media platforms to date. With 326-million active users as of January 2019 and over 400,000 new accounts being made daily, Twitter is undeniably a go-to platform to gather information locally, nationally and globally. Founders of the social site, Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, and Biz Stone made the first ever “tweet” on March 21, 2006 – dawning the existence of the social medium.

Now thirteen years later, Twitter is utilized by business owners, corporations, industry professionals and the average Joe/Sally for the purpose of expressing information quickly. Twitter employs a unique trait, limiting its users to 140 characters per tweet which allows people to retain “small bursts of information.”

For companies, this is very attractive because it allows you to get your message across in a short, sweet and real-time fashion which creates an impulse for your products, services or any type of promotion. Through those tweets, Twitter is set up to make it easy for customers to communicate with the brand and have it displayed publicly.

It’s a simple and straightforward concept, but it’s extremely important to firstly show your business’s customer service level and secondly to show your following you care about their message. Twitter gives you four options to choose from when responding to tweets.

From left to right via image above.

  • Reply to Tweets

Replying to your customers is crucial as you can imagine because it shows you’re not ignoring them, no matter what the message is. Even if the message is a negative one, it allows you to put the “fire” out right away, because with the power of Twitter it can spread quickly and do damage with just a few tweets. By putting the “@” symbol and typing someone’s username it will direct that tweet specifically to that user.

  • Retweeting

Retweeting is exclusive to Twitter, which allows you to repost someone else’s tweet on your profile. This is a great way to promote customer testimonials about your product/service, educate your audience with information that relates to your industry or promote your staff with tweets they made like, “Monday’s are the best day for working! Love my job!” If you were a new customer and saw that on a Twitter profile, automatically you think this company looks fun/informative/useful.

  • Liking Tweets

When you see the little ❤ icon, that means you like that tweet. Getting more likes on your tweet(s) will build your “Twitter presence” and showcase your business in the “Top Tweets for you page” or the “What you missed” section which shows up first on one’s feed when someone logs back into the social platform.

  • Tweet Activity (See image below)

For a business account, it will show your impressions on that tweet to see how many people have viewed it. This is incredibly important especially if someone is unhappy with a product/service because most people will always look at how you respond to your customers. 

With Twitter starting as more of a “one-way” information platform where a business would tweet constant information, over the years it’s quickly morphed into a two-way interaction platform where users are starting to engage and retweet more than ever before.

So the next time you’re looking at ways to market your company or your business hasn’t seen the results or engagement you’ve been looking for from Twitter, reach out to our experts at Your Listing Expert about Twitter and Social Media Marketing as we’ve campaigned effectively thousands of businesses globally.

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