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Throwing it back to the good ol’ days when you were in high school or any sort of educational system. Remember those report cards you used to receive? While at the time it was the piece of paper you might have been afraid to show your parents if not every subject was an A+, but regardless that document was a significant contributor to your growth and development. When it comes to business and especially Digital Marketing, it’s important to keep track of your progress, otherwise how would you know how much you’ve grown?

Digital Marketing is all about growing your business via the internet; gaining more exposure on more websites/directories, getting more likes/comments/follows on social media platforms, etc. Now wouldn’t it seem obvious for a company handling your marketing to provide a monthly report of some sort?

We think so. Yet, many company’s don’t. And to put that into perspective; imagine going to school and not receiving a report card or progress sheet. What would be the point in going?

According to the 2017 Product Benchmarks report conducted by Mixpanel, the average retention rate for most industries is below twenty percent. That’s right, twenty percent.

As a business, when it comes to all things Digital Marketing, we take pride in providing in-depth monthly reports with all of our month-to-month services, to not only retain our clients long-term but also highlight growth.

Local SEO Monthly Report

Local SEO has emerged as one of the leading ways to market a small business.  Buildfire.com released an article highlighting the most effective marketing strategies for a small business, where Local SEO was ranked number two on their list.

“Ranking your Google My Business (GMB) listing is one of the most powerful things you can do for your business. In fact, if you run a local business targeting local clients, I would dare to say it is THE most powerful strategy available to you.” – Ian Blair (Buildfire.com)

We completely agree. Each month our tech team works hard to earn your business with our Local SEO service, as we guarantee ranking your business top three on Google Maps in your local and surrounding area within ninety days otherwise you get your money back. Now, this is where the monthly report comes in. Once a month after the first initial four weeks we will provide an in-depth report showing how many people are clicking on your profile, calling your business, requesting directions and how many people are finding you through discovery search versus direct search. Discovery search refers to people typing in categories/keywords that are associated with your company and finding your business, whereas direct search is when people type your business name verbatim into Google.

Social Media Monthly Report

When it comes to Social Media, it’s all about engaging the most people with likes, comments, and shares. It’s the online “hangout” for your current clientele and how new customers validate you as a business before making any sort of purchase decisions. The rapid growth of the “big three,” Facebook, Instagram and Twitter has made social media a powerful tool to grow your brand alternatively to Google My Business.

Our social media reports will highlight the amount of total following the page has per social platform, the amount of impressions/reach the account is getting and of course what engagement numbers (likes, comments, and Twitter retweets if applicable) the page is getting. To look back a year from starting our social services and see a gradual increase on all of your platforms will be the tangible evidence of real growth. Think of it like going from a C to an A+ on your report card and maintain that grade-point-average – as an owner that’s how you dominate an industry in the digital world we live in today and grow organically.

There’s no better feeling than working hard and being able to see the progression month-to-month as a business owner. If you are growing, that means you’re making more money than the previous month. The more money you make per month means you can invest in new products, services, and employees. This in turn leads to a greater net profit at the end of your fiscal year.

The best part is, we’re so confident in growing your business monthly that we don’t need to tie you into any sort of contracts with any of our services. A bold statement, but it goes to show we are that confident in our ability to grow your business and earn an A+ on our report card for the work we do each month.

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