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Blogging has quickly become one of the fastest-growing mediums for a business to update current and future clientele in a casual conversational manner. Unlike business or news articles which are a little more formal, blogs allow a company/individual to exude their personality and present a lighter side to the associated topic.

Fresh content is how a company thrives and keeps their current clientele engaged. Could you imagine if your local newspaper “just stopped” producing newspapers or news documents? You would lose that source of information and miss out on new things going on around the community. Albeit yes, we’re in the digital era and information is easily accessible, but blogging has followed suit to online as well, hence being a fast growing platform.

Here are five benefits blogging will have for your business.

Boosting your company’s SEO

New content is what makes your Search Engine Optimization flourish. To rank your business well on search results, fresh content will provide a massive boost. Blogging consistently will give your business increased visibility on Google and other search engines when you plug in keywords you want to be found

Build relationships with customers

Engagement with your audience is how your business will retain clientele. Asking questions in your blogs, granting access for people to comment or review or even

providing a poll for your readers – all great ways blogging can help engage your customers. Through those methods, it allows the business to build rapport with your audience, which in turn builds trust. Just remember, before people get married, they get engaged. Get engaged with your audience!

Bolster your company as an industry leader

Education is motivation. Blogging gives you the ability to educate your audience about your industry and ultimately reinforce your company as the go-to resource. Over time, your business will gain a reputation and credibility as an industry leader.

Connect people to your brand

Personality pays. At least that’s what we say. Bringing exposure to your brand and connecting with new customers is a massive part of a business’s exponential growth. Blogging has the capability to highlight company standards, personality and vision. When someone who has never come into contact with your brand reads a blog, that’s their first impression of your business. Show off your personality by writing it into a document!

Allow people to share your content

As the millennial age says, “sharing is caring.” Make sure your blogs are shareable. There’s nothing worse than putting hours into your blog and not having the ability to send it to others. Having external share links (See photo on the right) is a free way to market, expose and it ultimately validates your business’s credibility.






Source: Kelly Thomas Mango, via Open Vine Internet Solutions (https://bit.ly/1sA0ICv)