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More than twenty years ago, Justin Hall, an undergraduate college student, created a website to publish his written work and some pictures. Hall started the website (www.links.net) as something personal then turned it into the first blog site in history. And for a couple of years, “blogging” was considered an online journal where people showcased their personality and wrote about their life.  Fast track to the twenty-first century, blogging has now turned into a medium to start conversations, share new ideas, and is now even a way to help business owners promote products and services.

Business blogging has grown in popularity since the mid-2000s, according to Web Design Blog. Turning into one of the most essential elements of free marketing, small to large sized businesses get to take advantage of it. In today’s digital world, blogging will give you an edge inside your industry market, being one of the several features of online branding that will increase your business profitability. The only slight downside? It’s a competitive market to get good viewership.

Even though creating regular, fresh and intriguing content for your business blog can take time, it will give you a lot in return, and our renowned content team at Your Listing Expert will prove it to you.

Here are five reasons why blogging is an essential part of growing your business.

  1. Increases Website Traffic

Blogging allows you to present a solution to a problem your customers might have, which in turn builds trust with your company. Much like helping a friend with advice or solutions for their problem(s). Once you grab the attention of your readers, you can insert hyperlinks into the body of your blog, which will direct them to specific landing pages.

The goal is to make your blog visually appealing, so creativity is imperative. Once you get the attention of your customers, chances of that customer spending money with your business increases by them clicking on your hyperlinks, as that customer is now engaged and has invested time into your brand.

The best part is you have the option not only to direct everyone who lands on your blog post to specific areas of your website, but you can also link other blogs on your site, social media networks and even your Google My Business profile.

  1. Entrenches Your Business As The Industry Leader

A significant benefit to blogging is the ability to educate your customers about products, services, your industry, and why you’re the best in the business. Giving an all-around scope of your company and informing people about the company’s history, culture and personality are all additional benefits to blogging and what consumers read when they’re researching.

If the public trusts and can relate to what you’re writing about, you’ll turn into the “go-to” resource in your industry. Additionally, your customers will benefit from the knowledge you provide about specified topics, such as tips and tricks for your own business or how to promote products to increase your sales.

According to CBO, eighty-two percent of business owners say blogging is a defining element for their company. When people land on your blog post, you’re giving off an impression to the reader, and that impression will depict what role you play in the industry. Good impression = industry leader, alright impression = just another business in the industry, bad impression = not a good business. Harsh but true. Make sure you’re choosing words, images, and content that reflects one of “the best in the biz.”

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  1. Bolster the Relationship With Your Customers

Customer retention is important for your business’s long-term success and profitability since they will be your main source of income. Therefore, establishing a strong bond with your customers should be the primary objective of your online marketing plan.

Luckily through blogging, you’re able to achieve this goal effortlessly. Presenting interesting information to your visitors will get you to connect with them at a personal level. Build and solidify a relationship by writing content in a conversational “human way” instead of a business/professional tone. Just like a “normal” conversation, asking how their day is or how their weekend was will go a long way to bolstering that relationship and motivate that person to continue spending money with your business.

Including a comment section at the bottom of your blog post will allow online visitors to give feedback about your blog and company and create more engagement. You’ll also be able to reply to their comments and inquiries strengthening the bond.

Image: Pexels photo by Rawpixel.com via (pexels.com)

  1. Boosts Your SEO

Eighty percent of business owners include blogging inside their marketing strategy, because is a low-cost way to increase online exposure, according to CBO.

Creating fresh content regularly on your website will improve your websites’ SEO since you’ll be providing a new index-link to major search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

On the back-end of most blog websites, there will an option to attach associated keywords so when people are researching online for those terms, you’ll have the chance to show up on search engines. The only downside? You’re competing with millions of other articles, blogs, and websites that are targeting the same keywords, but given time and consistent SEO work your blog will gain more exposure.

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  1. Expand Visibility on Social Media

Sharing your blog and content on social media profiles has become a viral way to expose your business to real people in your local network and even across the world. To no surprise, the whole purpose of social media is to share interesting articles and content with friends and followers.

Pretty much every blogging platform now has the option to add social media “share buttons” to your post, which allows readers to easily share content.

For instance, when you share to Facebook, that post will appear on the main newsfeed, and your post will not only be seen by your friends, but also by the friends of your friends. Creating a viewership “domino effect.”

Understanding the full effect of blogging and the impact it can have on your business is important to know in today’s “blog dominated” world. We understand as a business owner you’re always busy trying to juggle different parts of your company and that’s why we have a dedicated creative content team that will produce captivating words, and a proofreading division that will ensure 100 percent original content and quality.

To see what we can do with your business blog, check out our content under our Business Tips tab.

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