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What is an Account Manager?

An Account Manager is a person solely dedicated to your business after the sale is complete. Much like what Robin is to Batman. They will be your partner through the entire online marketing growing process.

With over 2,000 clients across North America, our account managers aren’t just your “run of the mill” Joe and Sally, they’re highly trained professionals that are eloquent and well-versed with the industry you are in. Understanding your short and long term goals, while providing solutions, is what we specialize in.

Every day you’re creating new bonds with new people or strengthening the ones you already have. In business, retention and building a relationship is essential to ensure long-term profitability and growth. And like any “best friend,” your account manager will be your strategic business partner; coaching you to do more and be better.

Here are some of the benefits of working with an Account Manager.

  1. Use Resources Efficiently

An account manager will make it their mission to understand the necessities of the customer(s) and what they’re ultimately trying to achieve. This will allow you to determine which resources are worth spending money on and what focus this particular account will need to succeed in the industry.

Transparency with every conversation is what our team strives for, there will be challenges, so ensuring regular communication is important. This, in turn, will translate into more profitability and revenue for your company since there’s a better chance of the customers staying on board long-term.

  1. Increase Business Growth

According to azcentral, the companies with account managers increase their growth, profitability, and customer’s loyalty faster than other businesses.

This rapid growth is due to the strong relationships account managers build with the clients, which results in more purchases and contracts. When new clients are acquired, and there is a team of people dedicated to retaining them, you’ll create a stable income, which means your company will stay open for business longer.

  1. Take Control Over the Accounts

An account manager will acquire essential information about the client such as their thought process when they make decisions, how they plan their strategies, and how they determine which suppliers to partner up with. Being the “face” of your business, account managers will be the reason a customer doesn’t cancel services as retaining clients long term is their specialty.

  1. Keep Customers Happy

Talking to an account manager regularly will not only let your customers know how valuable they are and that you take into account their feedback, but it will also ensure they are satisfied with all the services you are providing.

An Account Manager also knows customer satisfaction involves several factors such as: having accurate information, delivering business proposals on time, and replying to your customer’s inquiries in a short period. Keeping regular communication with your clients will make them happy, and they’ll trust your business. This loyalty will lead them to share your good reputation with other people.

Here at Your Listing Expert, we are determined to provide clients with the highest level of customer satisfaction. That’s why our account managers make sure every account is always up-to-date. From regular phone calls/emails, providing business solutions to even seeing how your weekend was, they’re always there to help. Additionally, each month, they will send clients a monthly report that will show the progress to date. We aim to be your business partner because your victories are our victories.

Contact us today, and we’ll assess which digital service your business needs to succeed and grow in your industry.