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Let’s cut right to the chase; if your business plan doesn’t include social media, you are behind and probably won’t survive 2021. Period.

The good news is, there’s still time for you to take your business to the next level and earn more money.

Social media is more than just a place for connecting with friends and sharing food and travel pictures; it’s also THE leading marketing tool that could get you more clicks, more views, and more MONEY … if done properly.

Let’s break it down by social platform because they each offer different opportunities for your business.

Graphic Design
Here’s where you can show off visuals of your company and grab client’s attention. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so you need to use an eye-catching colour scheme, engaging shapes, and fonts!

Choose a colour scheme that will match your website because it makes your social media platforms more legitimate to potential customers and even for your current audience.

Let’s think about McDonald’s. Everyone knows that big yellow “M” which is why every time you see it you think of the restaurant! You need to do the same thing for your business.

Just look at how we do it!


There is one rule when it comes to captions; Keep It Short and Simple (KISS). 

Your captions need to be an extension of your visual and must be written professionally and accurately. Every post should be to the point, using concise language to maximize effectiveness!  Just think about it, nobody wants to read an essay-length post on social media!

Each social media platform has different character limits, and you need to know them! Instagram is 2,200 characters, Facebook is 1,900, LinkedIn is 1,300, and Twitter is 280, which means you’re going to have to find a way to tell the same story four separate times! Using contractions and taking out extra “fluff” words are two simple ways to condense your captions!

Don’t forget, captions have to be relatable. They have to explain what you’re offering and how you’re solving the customer’s problem. Imagine you’re talking to your friends about this new shoe store you saw. Are you going to describe their newest shoes like this: “The interlocking, water-resistant, neon yellow fabric pairs beautifully with the neon green laces of those new running shoes.” Or, “HEY, did you see those new neon shoes!” Probably something similar to the second one. 

Using relatable language not only attracts a wider audience but also makes your brand seem cool and down to earth! Realtabilty sells!

By telling the consumer they need your product for reasons x, y, and z, you have a better chance of customers taking the action of calling, emailing, or visiting your online store on their own! 

The KISS rule will help you write more simple and easy-to-read captions because sometimes, less is more.


As a business, you obviously want the most engagement possible because that means more people are seeing your page, which means more potential customers, which means more money!
Each social media platform has different options for increasing your posts engagement!

Facebook has groups, so your business page can use them to generate a community of followers based on similar interests! These groups can also be as specific as “West Toronto Retail Groups” to something as broad as “General Toronto Area Buy and Sell,” and there are HUNDREDS of groups to join!

Instagram uses hashtags, geotags, and tags to generate engagement. Using hashtags on your post tells Instagram that you are a part of a community, and it will group all posts with the same hashtags together. This way, when someone searches #VancouverRealEstate, every single post with that hashtag will appear! 

Geotags are a way to tell Instagram where you are, and similar to hashtag groups, it will also create location-based groups! When someone searches Calgary Stampede, every post with that location will appear.

Tags are a great way to let business partners and the community know who you are involved with. Say your company is expanding and you just hired two new sales staff, posting a picture of them and tagging their personal pages is a great way to gain traction and let the customers get to know your employees!

LinkedIn uses hashtags and has a showcase page to help increase your engagement! The hashtags work to group together your posts, so if someone is searching for #marketingadvice, all posts with those hashtags would appear. Showcase pages, also known as affiliate pages, are extensions of your business page and are used to show any pages that are related to yours.

That column on the right is the business showcase page! See how it automatically generates similar marketing businesses? That means that your business could be appearing on those pages and drive more traffic to your business profile.

Twitter relies on hashtags and tags, similar to Instagram. The hashtags generate groups, and these groups help drive engagement to your profile. Tags are a great way to tell the clients who you are working with. This helps create brand transparency and definitely legitimizes your company.

Remember the three steps to a more successful social media: 1) graphic design, 2) effective captions, and 3) prompting customer actions! Combine this with proper engagement, and it will lead to more exposure, and increased exposure could mean more MONEY.

The time for a social media plan is NOW. Take your online presence to the next level, get in touch with us today!

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