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Visuals are everywhere we turn, and they influence us to take action in one way or another, especially this year in 2021 with the pandemic, as online visuals are all that most businesses have now to make an impression and ultimately sell their products/services.

What’s our point?


It’s a bit of a weird reality, but people are judgemental, especially when it comes to branding; which means your promotional material, social media, website, and anything else that has a visual attached (pretty much everything) will tell people that you’re good at what you do or why your business is failing.

It may sound harsh, but it’s the world we live in. In this blog, we’re going to highlight the impact elite graphic design can have on your brand and why we’ve become the go-to solution for brands big-and-small all across North America.

Graphic Design Creates a Reaction

Imagine this; you’re walking down the street past some businesses, and all of a sudden, you get hungry. Conveniently there are 2 restaurants right there that you can choose from:

You look at Restaurant A’s Instagram quickly to see what they offer. It has some nice professionally designed branding that’s consistent with its colours, nice high-resolution photos of their food with great lighting, and the people in the images look happy and are smiling.

You then look at Restaurant B’s Instagram, and all it has is camera phone photos of the food with poor lighting, dark surroundings, no branding whatsoever, and that’s it.

Which restaurant would you choose? Seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it.

Reactions, as you can see, can go either way, but good reactions are what drives interest/desire. Interest and desire drive sales and sales drive growth, all from an image on your social media page.

So if you’re a business owner reading this and thinking, “maybe that’s why we’re not getting much business or engagement from our social media page(s),” then stop reading and click here to see our design portfolio and what you can expect when you hire us.

Good Aesthetic vs. “This Brand is Pathetic”

You’ve probably heard the phrase “aesthetically pleasing” once or twice, which means if your designs are done properly, that can be a powerful pleasure tool (no, not in that way) and drive immediate interest and action.

Aesthetically pleasing designs create that reaction we were talking about earlier, meaning they are easy to look at without getting overwhelmed/anxious, they don’t have too much colour, but just enough, they have good movement, so when you look left-to-right on the image it all makes sense, they have good scale of the subjects, so it doesn’t look like one person is a giant and the other is tiny, and they have good visual weight, meaning it’s not cluttered like a 1985 phonebook classifieds section.

You would be surprised how many businesses fail to understand this, and they wonder why 2021 has been tough sledding in terms of online exposure and sales.

If you are one of those business owners that is still using “cardboard paper and a permanent marker” for your signage/branding, it immediately devalues your products and services.

Graphic Design Tells Your Story!

We’re not going to write anything for this point; we’re just going to get you to look at the image below.

Pretty good story, right? That’s the power of elite graphic design.

Now on the flipside, if your design doesn’t look clean and crisp like that, then chances are you’re telling the wrong story and giving off the wrong impression, which may explain why business has been slow (we’re just saying). 

So there you have it, the importance of graphic design in 2021. With the way the world is heading, online isn’t going away, ever, which means it’s time to take your brand to the next level online, and no, it’s never too late to get started!

Our graphic designers used to work for some of the most prestigious brands across North America, which means no matter how simplistic or complex of a design you’re looking for, we’ll get the job done at a price that you can afford.

Big business results for small business prices; click here or get in touch with us via the information below to get started!
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