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YLE Blog September 15, 2022 0 Comments

Blogs are a game changer! Now being a smart business owner, you probably already know that, but are you writing enough of them to actually make an impact on your business or to increase revenue?

We’re about to find out!

In this blog, we’re going to not only explore how blogs have become a critical part of growth and expansion for brands but also dive into what kind of content people actually want to read, because if you’re making people fall asleep, then that’s probably not a good thing… unless you’re a mattress company.


The impact of blogs is pretty significant as they can help to improve customer relations, show off your expertise to the masses, but most importantly, they help you shed light into the problems that your products/services solve!

Yes, I guess you could call that “selling,” but remember there’s an astronomically big difference between selling and conversing. Here’s the formula:

Blogs allow you to converse; conversing creates trust, trust creates comfortability, comfortability creates open-mindedness/action, action turns into profit! 

Here’s a stat that will probably blow your mind.

“On average, companies who blog produce 67% more leads per month.”

There you have it, the proof is in the pudding, but just remember if you’re planning on writing a blog just to sell like a car salesperson and not have that relatable tone everyone loves, then the formula we talked about earlier won’t work.


A blog will strengthen your local SEO (search engine optimization) strategy, meaning each blog post will contain keywords that give you more chances for someone to find you on a search engine, thus organically driving traffic to your website, which is what you want!

So, for instance, if someone searches “Italian food,” there will be a list of website links that pop up, and over time those keywords (backlinks) you added will help make your blog more visible online.

More readership means more business if written properly, of course.


You can create a genuine conversation between you and your customers with your blogs by simply asking questions or giving unique perspectives all throughout, prompting people to comment

This allows you to quickly find out how customers feel about a particular product or service and get a good understanding of what people like and what they maybe don’t like.


Since the dawn of our company’s existence, we’ve seen first-hand that people LOVE to learn, because there have been so many new unique products, ideas, methods and strategies introduced in the last few years, and with online now more a focus than ever before, people are always digging to read something good.

So to answer the question, “What do I write about?” Well, the first thing we would suggest is to write about your story! Write about why you started your brand, and don’t leave one detail out, from the struggles of maybe opening your business to the successes, triumphs, and things you’ve had to overcome to get to where you are as a business now. 

Secondly, talk about all the problems that your products/services solve. Those stories can probably get pretty detailed and descriptive so being able to create a relatable scenario for someone about why your service is one of the best will go a long way.


With each post, people will start to think they know you more intimately, so there is no longer a barrier between you and your customers. With helpful and accurate blog posts, people will view your business as being trustworthy. They may feel, for example, like you are no longer selling things to them but instead starting a conversation. By encouraging discussions and feedback, you make them feel like their opinion matters, and thus, they will like your brand more.

As a business owner, we know that you have a lengthy to-do list, and writing blog posts is not at the top; however, blogs are still relevant, and, if used correctly, are a great marketing tool. Our content writers are experienced in creating posts that will spark interest in your business and make a lasting impression. 

Visit our website to check out our packages, and let’s create a blog for your business that will make an impact!

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