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We’re all guilty of checking each platform before going to bed. Being in quarantine for months and surrounded by so many screens, we have become more dependent on social media than before. Everyone has been participating in viral trends and shopping online. But why not, social media has so much to offer: good content, inspiring influencers, online stores and tons of entertainment.

If your business is not on social media then you have probably lost a customer by the time you finished reading this.

The internet has a never-ending list of social media platforms that offer a variety of different audiences to cater to. By now you’re wondering “With so many social media platforms, which one should I target?” We have the answer to this question, we like to call it ‘The 4 Pillars’ and they are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

With so many reasons to be on social media, getting more business is definitely the main one. Here’s a guide that will help you understand each platform and know why it is important to be present on it.


With more than 2.6 billion users, Facebook has the largest database and that’s the biggest reason why you should be on this platform. It’s not only great for interacting with potential customers but also for creating a community and keeping everyone informed about your services. Features like Facebook Business Manager and Ad Manager, make it easy for novice businesses to increase their online presence. It is a platform that has users from all age-groups and if you had to pick just one platform to be on, it should definitely be Facebook.


What started as a platform to share pictures has now expanded to much more than just that. Instagram is one of the fast growing platforms and is coming up with features that a business can use to its advantage. Users scroll through mindlessly till they come across a post of well-fitted jeans which leads them to surf through the page and head to its online store. Before they know it, they have bought 3 shirts, 2 pairs of jeans and accessories to go with it. All this business was generated through a single instagram post. Your feed is a catalogue of all your products whether you’re a small cafe or a big realtor, get on Instagram for more business.


Twitter is not just for news and politics, it’s for businesses to stay connected with their clients in a more direct way. The 280 character limit of twitter forces the messaging to be crisp and to the point. The game of twitter is simple- tweet frequently and stay in the minds of the users. The feature that you should take advantage of is ability to share links in tweets. You can promote and gain more traffic for your website through twitter. Why wouldn’t you want to be on Twitter, it’s quick, easy and it’s very effective!


You’re probably wondering why you should use LinkedIn to increase your business. Networking is so important when it comes to running a business. The biggest pro of LinkedIn is the fact that it is a cost-effective way to grow your network. It makes your business look more credible in the eyes of the clients and is more formal than the other platforms. You can offer niche expertise to your audience as the users of LinkedIn aren’t just scrolling through- they’re paying attention to you. So make an impression that will be stuck in their minds.

You can use these 4 pillars of social media to give your business a voice and become a leader. Gone are the days when customers would just pick a brand for its product, today they choose you because of your product, service and your brand identity. It’s time you take digital marketing seriously. It’s cost effective, easy and will increase traffic on your site in no time. If you know the algorithm and how to make it work for you, you will see the numbers sky-rocket.

COVID-19 has forced many businesses to rely on social media to stay connected to their customers. The ones that were not on social media, lost a huge chuck of their customers as they could not keep them updated about their situation.

Running a business is tough enough, managing social media for the business is an added responsibility and many don’t think it is necessary but 3.8 billion users is a huge number! Social media is adapting and changing with time, which means you need to keep up with it before you lose more business. We are your Local Canadian Business Experts and offer services that will free you from the stress of running your social media accounts. We have packages that can be tailored specifically to your business and your audience.