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This year has been a learning year for many business owners, figuring out how the heck to maintain their stream of business even with restrictions in place.

The answer? Online marketing.

Now that may seem pretty straightforward, but given the influx of competition, it’s now become a whole other thing to actually make money from it.

Here’s how to bolster your success online as a local business.

Local SEO

Google, as you can imagine, is at the forefront for online exposure, but how do you make sure you’re maximizing your return? It’s simple. Rank top 3 on Google Maps.

Local SEO boosts your web presence in the local and surrounding area(s) by increasing your dominance in your local neighbourhoods.

Increased exposure for your back-end citations and posting fresh content on your profile is how you’re going to stand out from the competition, but it takes rigorous attention to ensure you get top 3 but also stay there, which is why thousands of small businesses choose us to help them out across Canada.


Social Media

Social media has become a powerful marketing tool for local businesses, especially in 2020, with most consumers opting to shop online because of the pandemic. The reason why it’s so popular is because, with restrictions in place and nowhere to go, shopping online is their only option. With social media, businesses are able to offer stunning visuals, customer interaction, and an in-store experience that it’ll feel like you’re actually there.

Virtual and online shopping is here to stay until things clear up, and if your business isn’t on social media, it’s almost as if your business doesn’t exist.

Having said that, it’s not about just posting “anything and everything,” you need to have these five components in order to attract high-end business.


Graphic Design:

Local businesses with vibrant and compelling visuals bolster the visibility that sets you apart from your competition, which leads to more customers and increases your return.



Including captions with your posts is a great way to drum up online engagement with potential consumers and expands your reach, which attracts new business.



Proper grammar and spelling matter, so it’s imperative that your website, captions, and marketing ads are exempt from any mistakes; otherwise, it will diminish your business’s credibility and sales.



Your posts may have gorgeous visuals and enticing content, but if no one sees it, what’s the point?

Hashtags are a big factor on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram where they put your post into categories that can be specific to your product/service, but they need to be properly thought out; otherwise, you won’t get the business you’re looking for.

Other platforms such as Facebook are all about groups on Marketplace, which can be very effective if done properly.


Think of your website as the inside of your store; if it’s not properly maintained or looks outdated, then chances are people won’t go inside or stick around. You only get one chance at a good first impression, and that applies to your website as well.

We’ve all visited a website that takes forever to load, looks outdated, or is always crashing, but how many of us have given them a second chance?

When it comes to designing websites, it’s important that they are functional, unique, and captivating to stand out from your competitors to attract new customers.

Similar to social media, your website needs to check these boxes to get a maximum return.



With physical stores closed, online stores have become the only way for businesses to be profitable. This is why having a fully operational website that’s easy to navigate is important when it comes to converting more leads and generating traffic.



Developing visually compelling and immersive websites gives your business that “wow” factor that warrants attention from your customers as opposed to a flat, dull, and plain web design.



Currently, 66% of people shop online using their mobile phones, so if your website isn’t properly optimized to be mobile-friendly, then you’re preventing your business from making a profit.



Writing fresh and intriguing content with your blogs can bolster your online presence by providing customers with more information about your business products, services, culture, or history. This creates transparency, which helps you gain the public trust as the go-to leader in your industry.

Blogs can provide customers with a solution to their problem, which brings more traffic to your website. Once you get their attention, including hyperlinks will keep consumers engaged and encourage further exploration while increasing the chances of them spending money on your business.

Including Call to Action (CTA’s) at the end of your blog increases sales because it provokes a sense of urgency in people and tells them what to do next. This provides customers with a unique selling point and helps seal a quicker deal.

With interesting content and stunning visuals, blogs are a great way to draw in new customers to maximize readership, which creates more leads and increases your business profitability.


When you hear terms like “basketball,” “fast food,” “computers,” or “cell phones,” what brands immediately come to mind?

That is the power of branding.

When it comes to establishing your online brand, it’s important to have a recognizable logo, design, colour scheme, and unique story because without it, there’s nothing differentiating you from your competitors.

Your brand is a representation of your business, and by showcasing your unique story, it exudes confidence and leaves a lasting impression on consumers, which drives more sales and revenue towards your business.

We’ve helped thousands of small to medium-sized businesses bolster their brand as the best in the industry!


Get in touch with us and take your online business to the next level. We hope you’re all staying safe and are in good health!

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