The Importance of Reviews

Businesses live and die off reviews. Do you eat at a restaurant with bad reviews or a restaurant with good reviews? We’ve yet to have someone come to us and rave about the place they had a terrible experience at and say, “you have to go there”.

It goes without saying positive reviews will enhance your image about your product, customer service and overall reputation. It’s what people who’ve never come in contact with your business grab onto as tangible evidence to paint a picture on what their experience will be based on the experiences of others. To ensure your business is getting as many positive reviews as possible, it’s important to be guiding customers’, existing or new, to your Google My Business Listing, Social Media or website to leave the positive feedback.

On the other hand, negative reviews can completely damage a reputation or put a severe dent into a business’ profitability. Reviews are the genuine unsolicited opinion of the product/service from the consumers who’ve experienced the brand. So how do you overcome negative reviews? Attention to detail. You can’t please everybody but you can definitely make sure each customer experience is positive and find solutions for problems that may arise with your product or service.

Customer: “My food doesn’t taste good, it’s very cold and unpleasant”
Employee: “Really sorry about that. Let me get you a new plate and offer you 30% off your bill.”

Seems simple enough doesn’t it? Although some may argue it’s a loss of profit, going “above-and-beyond” will be worth thousands of dollars to your business in the future; because once you get the customer to leave a review, they will highlight how the staff went above and beyond to solve a problem with their product for that individual. That review is now a part of your brand, which will be a massive deciding factor for future customers to simply say “yes” or “no” when coming across your business.

“Courteous treatment will make a customer a walking advertisement.” — James Cash Penney, founder of J.C. Penney Stores



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