The Importance Of Being Found On Google Maps for Local Businesses

The business world becomes more competitive each and every single day with businesses and professionals trying to get a leg up on the competition. Nowadays if your business cannot be found online, your business does not exist.

Its funny to me how people will spend $5,000 on the sign out front of their business but when it comes to their online storefront (Google My Business) they think they can grow there business without having to do anything. Having a nice fancy sign out front is good for people that know you and for people driving or walking by, but what about the thousands of people who are searching every single day for your type of business online and cannot find you? Instead, they are finding your direct competitors down the street.

Google My Business Listing

Ex: You own a hair salon in Toronto; Thousands of people move to Toronto every single month & millions of people visit Toronto every single month, hundreds of people just had a bad experience with their hair salon and will be looking to find a new one every single month – Guess where these people are going to go when they are looking for a hair salon? Yup. Google Maps.

Google Ranking Stats By Position

  • 61% of all people searching on Google click in the Top 3
  • 81% of all people searching on Google click in the Top 10
  • 95% of all people searching on Google will click on the first page.

If your business is not in one of these positions on Google Maps you are missing out on all of those new potential customers that are trying to find you.

Local SEO is absolutely crucial for local businesses looking to grow, its the cheapest most effective marketing you will ever do.


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