The 6 basic ways to improve SEO

Websites are created to achieve sales goals, grow a business and expand reach. However is creating a website enough? No, its not.

It’s important that your website is visible to potential client and customers. Organic SEO assists in boosting your visibility and allows customers to find your business.

A few tips that could facilitate visibility are :

1.Work on the content of your website

Retaining customers is the most challenging part when you have a website. Quality content that is engaging your target audience would help generate repeat traffic.

2. An extensive Keyword Search

Doing a comprehensive research on keywords using a variety of tools that are available for free will prove to be helpful.

3. Visual appeal

It’s important that your website look good. The graphics, the size of the texts, the size and resolution of the pictures on your website are contributing factors.

4. Speed of your website

Is your website quick to load? Does it take a while to switch from one page to the other? These factors have a  considerable impact on users. Visitors tend not to revisit a website which takes more than 2 seconds to load.

5. Focus on your landing page

Your website should be easy to navigate around. The landing page should be precise and the links to other pages on your website should be clearly placed on the landing page.

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6. Avoid too many tags

Title tags are useful when search engines look for URLs to rank your website. Use original and quality terms in your heading and title tag and avoid repeating the same exact terms because it will not help in your search engine ranking.