How To Create An Effective Landing Page?

Landing page is the primary page that users land on once they click on a link for the website or an ad. Its efficiency is a big consideration factor for the users. If they don’t like the first impression of your website they are less likely to look any further.

If your goal is to convert these users into potential clients or customers, it would drastically decrease if your landing page is not effective. Here are some ways to make your landing page effective:

Easy Navigation

How easy is it for a new visitor to find something on your website? It’s important that everything on your website is divided into categories. Accurate titles will help the users navigate through your website proficiently. Consistency from the landing page of your website to any other pages will make the process systematic for potential clients and customers.

Website Speed

79% of online shoppers say that they won’t revisit a website that has trouble loading. If your website loads instantly you have automatically made a great first impression with the customers and they are more likely to revisit your webpage. 47% customers expect a website to load within 2 seconds. Everything ultimately boils down to a good user experience and the speed of your website should be your number one priority.

Make your website mobile friendly

Google recently published a statement stating that websites that are not mobile friendly will see a decrease in their Google ranking. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should create a separate website for other devices such as Cellphones, tablets, Ipads. There is an alternate solution to this, the responsive design approach is a cost effective method which is increasingly being adopted by websites.

Call to Action

Every website has a goal or a target whether it is acquiring subscribers, creating potential purchases or just creating awareness. This is achieved through developing a Call to action for the clients and customers. The key is to keep the Call to action short, precise and easily identifiable by  the visitors.

Visual Appeal

Appearances matter! What a website looks like visually affects the decision of 46% of the online population. The layout, theme, colour scheme, images used all are taken into account by visitors and could greatly influence their opinions. A clean layout and presentable website with good quality pictures supporting the content will make your website look more attractive to the users.

Website content

Another factor that contributes to a successful landing page is content. Customers are more likely to browse through your website if the content is informative and accurate. The information on your website should be useful, short and easily understandable by prospective customers. The purpose of content is to convey the motive of your website.

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