3.2 Billion people in the world have access to internet and mobile phones, which is almost half of the entire population on Earth. According to recent statistics it’s safe to say that Google processes 3.5 Billion searches everyday.

How many times in a day do you Google something? We Google everything from places to people to animals that are extinct. It’s almost as though its second nature for us to jump on our phones and do it whenever there is something we need more information about.

What makes us do this? It’s the simple fact that Google is accessible to everyone, everywhere and it makes our life easier.

In the digital marketing world, we focus a good portion of our efforts on getting found or showing up in Google and Google-owned networks. In case you haven’t noticed, Google pretty much owns everything related to the internet.

How important does that make for your business to be found on Google?

Well, Google My Business (GMB) is a tool that helps businesses grow their online presence. GMB allows your business to appear in search, maps and Google+. It’s always better to do some primary research before investing your resources and time into anything, regardless of the size of  your business or industry.

GMB makes it possible for businesses to put out all the information in front of prospective clients and customers to assess before they move forward. In this way businesses are able to capitalize on the trust that consumers have in Google.

Pros of Google My Business :

  • Google recently revealed that one in two searches have a local intent. Which basically means that people are looking for things around them increasingly. If your company relies on local consumer traffic then this is reason alone for you to list your business on Google My Business.
  • A complete, verified Google My Business listing allows you to connect with your target audience easily.
  • Its Free! Listing your business on Google My Business won’t cost you a penny out of your pocket.

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Let’s look at another business listing to draw a healthy comparison and determine what’s best for your business.

Yellow pages is a platform where people list their business or post ads for their business. Few years ago, Yellow pages existed both in print and online formats but over the past couple of years most of the businesses have moved to listing online.

Cons of Yellow Pages :

  • To find a business on Yellow pages consumers and clients have to first get redirected to Yellow Pages through Google and then type a specific category and look through it before they ultimately land on your business listing. Why go through this whole process when you can simply have them find your business on Google hassle free?
  • If you make an account on Yellow pages you’re automatically enrolled into both the print and online editions.
  • The free listings on Yellow pages don’t receive any benefits. You have to have a paid account to appear in the top searches, unlike Google where organic SEO contributes to the ranking of your business.
  • Lack of content is another big drawback for your business if you have a listing on Yellow Pages. Content happens to be the driving force in SEO and lack of quality content can affect businesses.
  • There was also the issue of insufficient backlinks pointing to a website.

Approximately 110 billion searches occur on Google on a monthly basis while Yellow Pages sees 80.4 Million monthly searches. That in itself says a lot about where your business should be!

As a small business, there’s really no reason not to leverage a Google My Business page. It’s free to setup, helps customers easily find you, and gives you more visibility against your competitors.

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