The Importance of Reviews

Businesses live and die off reviews. Do you eat at a restaurant with bad reviews or a restaurant with good reviews? We’ve yet to have someone come to us and rave about the place they had a terrible experience at and say, “you have to go there”. It goes without saying positive reviews will enhance

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3.2 Billion people in the world have access to internet and mobile phones, which is almost half of the entire population on Earth. According to recent statistics it’s safe to say that Google processes 3.5 Billion searches everyday. How many times in a day do you Google something? We Google everything from places to people

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The 6 basic ways to improve SEO

Websites are created to achieve sales goals, grow a business and expand reach. However is creating a website enough? No, its not. It’s important that your website is visible to potential client and customers. Organic SEO assists in boosting your visibility and allows customers to find your business. A few tips that could facilitate visibility

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Many small businesses often make the mistake of overlooking branding efforts because they think of themselves as a business and not a brand. So, what is branding? It goes beyond creating a logo for your business. Branding includes signs, design element, branding outreach, creation of company vision, publicizing the company using digital and other marketing

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8 SEO Stats That Are Hard to Ignore

Statistics that Support the Value of SEO Thanks to some fantastic resources, we are able to provide you with 8 SEO Stats that are Hard to Ignore when you’re trying to justify whether or not you should be investing in search engine optimization.  93% of online experiences begin with a search engine  Google owns 65-70% of the search engine market

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Just Starting Out? Avoid These 5 Startup Mistakes. You’re Welcome

David S. Rose is an entrepreneur, investor, and mentor, and the author of The Startup Checklist: 25 Steps to a Scalable, High-Growth Business. He’s been present at the birth of businesses for decades, and knows what makes them grow–or not. Rose shares the simple, practical things that you can do right from the start of your business that will potentially save

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