Everything You Need to Be More Productive in 2018

A CEO’s role comprises many big-picture responsibilities not easily crossed off a to-do list. Some ways to think about productivity in the top job: 1. View delegation in terms of employee development. The most important productivity booster is delegating. But don’t just shove things off your plate; rather, consider how bestowing specific new challenges helps employees along their career paths.

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10 Brilliant Business Books of 2017

Among the best business books of 2017 are some excellent new titles by journalists; a candid, lived-it story of sex discrimination in Silicon Valley; and a big chewy book about scaling that is mind-blowing if not necessarily practical. Many new releases–including several mentioned here–make compelling reading for non-business audiences as well. Here are our picks for 2017: 1. Fifty Inventions That

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20 Years Ago, Steve Jobs Said 1 Thing Separates Living an Exceptional Life From an Average One

Steve Jobs set extremely high expectations. He wanted things done a certain way, challenging other people to work harder, work longer, and sometimes to do more than they thought was possible. Steve Jobs had high standards. He wanted things to be done his way. But he also believed in the power of taking an unconventional path — of doing

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The 3 Simple Strategies Google Uses to Help Its Employees Learn

In a McKinsey global survey, 90 percent of respondents said that building capabilities (anything an organization does well that drives meaningful business results) is a top 10 priority for their company. And clearly, they weren’t kidding. In 2012, the Association of Talent Development reported that U.S. organizations spent $164.2 billion on employee learning and development. And yet, only a third of McKinsey respondents thought their

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Just Starting Out? Avoid These 5 Startup Mistakes. You’re Welcome

David S. Rose is an entrepreneur, investor, and mentor, and the author of The Startup Checklist: 25 Steps to a Scalable, High-Growth Business. He’s been present at the birth of businesses for decades, and knows what makes them grow–or not. Rose shares the simple, practical things that you can do right from the start of your business that will potentially save

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How This Fast-Growing Software Company Hires the Best Employees (and Keeps Them Happy)

Culture is king at AgileThought, a Tampa-based software consulting and application development company. In fact, co-founder and CEO David Romine calls it the bedrock of the business. The key to maintaining that strong culture, Romine says, is to pick prospective clients and potential hires that fit with the firm. “If we don’t enjoy working together on a regular basis,

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How to Get the Most Out of Life–Even While Working Long Hours

Whether you’re an entrepreneur getting a new business up and running or you have a job that seasonally requires working long hours for weeks on end, there are times when work-life balance must lean towards the work side of the scale. This doesn’t have to mean that your life becomes unbalanced. Finding ways to use those precious few hours devoted to ‘life’ can make

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3 Courageous Marketing Campaigns from 2017

Perhaps more than any year in recent memory, 2017 will be remembered as a year of constant change. From brazen cyber attacks to the #MeToo movement, it’s been an easy year to become distracted. With so many eye-catching headlines, marketers have been challenged to find ways to creatively break through the noise. As year-end approaches, it’s worth reflecting on the marketing campaigns that embraced positive risks to successfully grab

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